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From "Gerdes, Mike" <>
Subject still strange memory problems
Date Fri, 02 Jun 2006 07:58:58 GMT


I still have memory problems with AMQ. These problems mostly only happen, when I have more
then one consumer listening to a queue and more then one producer sending messages at a high
rate to the broker. These messages start at a size of 256 byte and are send for 30sec, then
they double their size, this is reapeated some time. The producers read the messages all the
time till they recieve no messages for 30sec.
I have tried this in a few configuration and always hit this problem. First everything locally
on one pc with 512mb ram and a celeron 2GHz, then with two pcs of the same configuration and
divided the senders and producers in any configuration on them, then two brokers locally.
I use AMQ 10.05.2006 and have also tried AMQ RC2.

Everytime I observed that the memoryusage raises all the time and it doesn't get freed when
all the consumers and producers are shutdown. Also it happens that the memoryusage hits 100
and normally then the system stops to work, I get no error message or drop, the producers
just seem to block. The consumers then exit after 30seconds. This happens when the message
size is about 256kb, sometimes lower sometimes higher. With topics this problem doesn't occure.

What I have tried to solve this problem is, that I have set the memory manager to use 100mb,
used mysql persistence adapter, user journaled adapter with 1gb available, used no persistence
adapter, persistence adapters with useasync=true.
Nothing solved this problem.

So now my question, is this a bug or is my machine for the case to weak? Am I the only one
who gets this kind of problem or are there others and have you found solutions?


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