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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: LastImage-style topic
Date Wed, 31 May 2006 12:48:44 GMT
So there are 2 different issues discussed in this mail; dealing with
slow consumers typically means  choosing which messages to discard
(the default is the older messages). Then
LastImageSubscriptionRecoveryPolicy is to do with when a new
subscription is created, does it receive old messages (such as the
last image that was sent on the topic).

On 5/31/06, Kuppe <> wrote:
> I am trying to manage slow consumers for topics. Your documentation regarding
> policyEntries suggests that it is possible to "configure the maximum number
> of matched messages the broker will keep around for a consumer in addition
> to its prefetch buffer" - this is called the PendingMessageLimitStrategy.
> When this limit is reached it is possible to define a strategy for removing
> "older messages" defined by the eviction strategy - this is called the
> MessageEvictionStrategy.
> I would like to use the example of a topic publishing market data for a
> specific symbol but from multiple sources. It is only important that the
> most recent update from each source is available to topic consumers.
> Accordingly the examples shown in your slow consumer handling page are not
> really relevant. I am interested that a new message simply overwrites the
> previous message where the symbol and source match. This would then always
> return the latest price to the consumer given the context of the producer.
> From your description it seems that the LastImageSubscriptionRecoveryPolicy
> does somthing like this although only for recovering subscriptions. With the
> extension of course that a specific strategy defines which messages make up
> the last image set.
> Is there any way that i can handle this using the features above?

So I think its sounding like you want to write a
MessageEvictionStrategy which tries to find old messages such that
there is a newer message available. e.g. if there are 5 messages for
IBM then evict all but the latest.

> In addition, if i was to define a destination policyEntry with
> topic="*UpdateQuotes" will this match to all topic names that end in
> "UpdateQuotes"?

Not quite. *.UpdateQuotes would match stuff with any name for * but *
only matches one name.

So A.UpdateQuotes and B.UpdateQuotes would match but not A.B.UpdateQuotes.

To match an entire tree you might want to switch around your namespace to


So that would match UpdateQuotes.A and UpdateQuotes.A.B.C etc



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