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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: ActiveMQ and Sequoia Database -autocommit issue
Date Thu, 11 May 2006 18:39:12 GMT
On 5/10/06, Dave cawthorn <> wrote:
> Thanks James,
> I did a quick test of setting a Sequoia connection's autocommit property to
> false using
>  con.setAutoCommit(false); and both commits and rollbacks seem to work.

Hmm - autocommit seems to work fine for other databases though.

> I will go through the activemq source to see if i can see any other reason
> why its bombing.
> I was going to have a look at master/slave but from reading the forum there
> is no way to resume a master without stopping the slave and copying its data
> back to the master. So correct me if I'm wrong but eventually you have to
> down the service cause you only get one failover?

Yes - though the clients can auto-reconnect to another broker. So you
could bring a new broker up, let folks use that - then bring the old
master back on line when its all in sync again - then you have
continuous availability and no message loss.

The only missing feature is we don't have automatic old-master <->
slave-now-a-master synchronisation. Thats a manual process right now.

> I'm currently planning on using a replicated message store and having
> activemq as a hasingleton in a jboss cluster. This way only one broker will
> ever be active but messages will be replicated on two machines and I will be
> able to "fail back" to the first node if the second node fails because i
> have the ability to resync the masters message store when it comes back up.


> PS message groups do rock!

I *love* messsage groups!


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