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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: JMS ACtiveMQ standalone client to connect to sun AppServer ed.8
Date Thu, 11 May 2006 13:47:59 GMT
On 5/11/06, E.W <> wrote:
> Ok, i will try that.
> No i have not installed an ActiveMQ Broker to the Sun App server, i thought
> that it was another 'common' way to query various brokers. Could you please
> confirm that i am wrong?

Yes - the ActiveMQ JNDI provider does not connect to the application
server - it connects to the ActiveMQ broker.

So use a URL to connect to the broker, wherever you are running it

> Also, assuming that i a mwrong, let's suppose that i want to query existing
> JMS application. It means that we will have to add ActiveMQ as a broker to
> the existing server configuration to be able to achieve that. Do you know if
> a more generic solution exist ( without additionnal changes on the server
> part for example ) ?

Its your call - you can embed the broker inside the app server or run
it separate. To get you going the easiest way is to use the activemq
script and run it stand alone. When you've got that working you could
try embedding it



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