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From "Javier Leyba" <>
Subject Re: Network of brokers
Date Wed, 10 May 2006 13:46:14 GMT
On 5/10/06, Gerdes, Mike <> wrote:
> hi,
> hm from my knowledge your answer is incorrect or maybe I misunderstood you.
> You configure your local broker, your output and recieving broker with the transport
connector. Your network connector defines the brokers where you want to connect to. If you
have defined more then adress in your static attribute, then the broker will connect to all
of them.
> failover is similar to static, but with the difference that your broker will connect
to the first broker and when that one is not available it switches to the next and so on.
> I think the example at is a bit misleading,
because you connect there to your local broker as well as to a remote broker.

Ouch, may you didn't understood me.

Some time ago James told me this:


Now the <networkConnector> is an outbound connection, a way for a broker to
talk to other brokers. So URIs used inside here will be used to create
client connections to other brokers. So for the network to be established,
there must be brokers out there listening (via the <transportConnector>) on
the URIs mentioned in the <networkConnector>

Then, the first host:port that you pass as parameter in the network
connector is the host:port that you are configuring but with a port
number different from transport connector, and then you must declare
all the host you want to connect this broker to with their transport

This is what I've been trying to say...  :)


Javier Leyba
Barcelona - Spain

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