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From "Javier Leyba" <>
Subject Re: q: could not connect to local URI: vm:?network=true...
Date Tue, 09 May 2006 12:47:18 GMT
On 5/9/06, Paul Tomsic <> wrote:
> Your brokers are named in WHAT way?  what solved your
> problem?  renaming your brokers?  what did you rename
> them to?
> are you able to start more than 2 in a cluster?
> would you mind posting your startup xml file, please?

Ouch, sorry, let me explain.

I'm having the problem about the journal in use since january (AFAIR)
and never get help to the get the solution.

One month ago I downlaoded RC2 and changed my config files and the
problem was apparently solved. But few days ago I started to configure
network connectors and the problem comes back again.

Now I've saw this post and noticed that my brokers are named with an
underscore ie: brokerName="MASTER_UBUNTU" then I changed to
brokerName="MASTERUBUNTU" and the problem is solved.

Currently, my scenario consist in two servers (two physical different
machines) running JBoss with a Master/Slave brokers. Each one has a
master server and the slave of the other one to allow HA availability.

Nevertheless, after receive your mail I started a master broker and a
slave broker in the same machine, same JBoss instance, without


Javier Leyba
Barcelona - Spain

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