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From jordan woerndle <>
Subject neural net using topics?
Date Tue, 30 May 2006 21:06:36 GMT

I'd like to start out by pleading JMS ignorance and apologizing for my
generic question... I'm really just looking for some suggestions on how I
can get better performance out of a wacky activeMQ app.

I have a bunch of "Filters" that listen for and broadcast messages on many
Topics.  I want each filter to be able to listen to many topics, and
periodically fire a message off onto one-to-many topics.  It kind of looks
like a network of neurons passing messages around and making decisions
(think distributed bayesian filter.)

Currently, each of my filters subscribes to one topic. Each will
periodically publish a message to one other topic and send a "status"
messsage to a "status" topic.  I can run about 30 "Filters" (they are doing
no processing) with about 30 topics.. i can push about 90 messages a second. 
I'd like to do a lot more and listen,broadcast to more topics.

I am running activeMQ 4.0 M4 using non-persistent messaging, windows XP,
jdk1.5.0 on one machine using one broker started from the command line using
the default out-of-the-box configuraiton.  Everything I know i learned from
the examples on the site. If it helps, I don't really care if I drop a few

What's the first step to increase throughput?  Should I put the broker on a
different machine?  Should I try to split my topics up between several

Thanks a lot!
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