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From Aleksi Kallio <>
Subject Re: Passing temporary topics on a message
Date Wed, 03 May 2006 07:54:51 GMT
> Temporary topic names already are globally unique in ActiveMQ.

Exactly, that's way I would like to use them.

> How are
> you converting from temporary topic to string and back again? Maybe
> we've just gotta tweak that code a little to get your code to work.

Relevant lines of code are...

Topic marshalling:

// to is instance of MapMessage
to.setStringProperty(KEY_AUTHORISE_TO, authoriseTo);


// from is instance of MapMessage
authoriseTo = from.getStringProperty(KEY_AUTHORISE_TO);

Topic name initialisation:

// authoriseToTopic is instance of Topic
authoriseTo = authoriseToTopic.getTopicName();

And topic recreation on the replying end:

topic = session.createTopic(authoriseTo);

Thanks for your help!

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