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From Aleksi Kallio <>
Subject Passing temporary topics on a message
Date Wed, 03 May 2006 07:04:36 GMT


I need to have multiple temporary reply-to topics attached to a message. 
Attaching topics is easy, as they can be represented as a String that is 
their name. However, with temporary topics this does not work. The 
message sent to a temp topic whose name was read from a message property 
is never delivered to consumer. I have checked that the temporary topic 
names used by the consumer and producer are identical, so the name 
should not be mangled on the process.

If I replace temp topics with regular ones, everything works fine. I 
would hate to replicate the logic in ActiveMQ for creating globally 
unique temp topic names, so all suggestions on what might be wrong or 
how to hunt down the problem are more than welcome!

Aleksi Kallio

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