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From himmeric <>
Subject Problem with No Subscriber Advisory Topic
Date Mon, 15 May 2006 15:38:41 GMT

I'm using the advisory topics in ActiveMQ 4 to watch when a new topic is
created on a certain subtopic.  This works great and allows me to startup
the producer that generates message for subscribers on this new topic.

However it also important for me to know when there are no more subscribers
so I can stop the producer.  I see the
AdvisorySupport.getNoTopicConsumersAdvisoryTopic and I've setup a consumer
to that topic, but I'm not receiving any messages on it.

I'm assuming this no topic consumers functionality works and it's just
something in my  setup causing the problem.  So here's a little about my

I'm using topics, with persistent messages.  My subscriptions are setup with
?retroactive=true and am using the LastImageSubscriptionRecoveryPolicy.  I'm
running RC-3 on linux under IBM JDK 1.4.2

I am receiving messages on the .getConsumerAdvisoryTopic when a single
consumer is added or removed, but not on the
.getNoTopicConsumersAdvisoryTopic when there are no consumers on the topic.

What am I missing?
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