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From osian <>
Subject Single Consumer vs Multi Consumer on Restart
Date Tue, 09 May 2006 14:30:06 GMT

I am utilising ActiveMQ's wildcard support i.e. BASEQUEUENAME.> for all of my
consumers, I have around 5000 messages in my queue which is stored in a
database.  When I start a single consumer, the broker will load 1000
messages and then start handing out the messages to the single cosumer that
is connected, and this is fast and reliable, and I can also see that each
time a message is consumed, it fetches another from the DB, i.e. 1001, 1002,
etc.  Unfortunately, when I add another consumer with the same setting's
(i.e. it can process any queue) everything seems to grind to a halt because
ActiveMQ seems to fetch another 1000 messages.  

So my question is, is there any way of configuring how many messages it
should pre-fetch when a new consumer connects, so that I can try and
optimise it for the number of consumers, because eventually I will have at
least a hundred consumers, and if each of these try and pre-fetch a 1000
messages on startup, which in turn holds up processing, it will slow down
the initial restart of the server,
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