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From ActiveMQ_User1 <>
Subject ActiveMQ shuts down..
Date Tue, 02 May 2006 01:17:51 GMT


We're using ActiveMQ 3.0 in our app (we are running it as a background
windows service). We've noticed that after running for a few hours, it stops
for no apparent reason. Here's what we get in our activemq log file, just
prior to it stopping.

2006-04-28 17:29:42,335 [MQ ShutdownHook] INFO  BrokerContainerImpl           
- ActiveMQ Message Broker (ID:myhost-4347-1146195103879-0:0) is shutting
2006-04-28 17:29:42,366 [MQ ShutdownHook] INFO  BrokerContainerImpl           
- Removing client: ID:myhost-4353-1146195118113-1:0 on transport:
TcpTransportChannel: Socket[addr=/,port=4356,localport=61616]
2006-04-28 17:29:42,366 [MQ ShutdownHook] WARN  BrokerContainerImpl           
- No clientID available for client: brokerConnector-client:(3916193) :
TcpTransportChannel: Socket[addr=/,port=51472,localport=61616]
2006-04-28 17:29:42,382 [MQ ShutdownHook] INFO  BrokerConnectorImpl           
- ActiveMQ connector stopped: TcpTransportServerChannel@tcp://myhost:61616

We're also using Mule - this is what we get in our mule log file:

2006-04-28 17:29:42,366 [TcpTransportChannel:
Socket[addr=localhost/,port=61616,localport=4356]] WARN 
TcpTransportChannel doClose:496 - Peer closed connection
	at Source)
	at Source)

Is this a problem that has been fixed in new versions of ActiveMQ? I am
considering upgrading to 3.2.2 - would this resolve the issue?

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