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From "Fritz Oconer" <>
Subject Re: Maven2
Date Fri, 19 May 2006 01:08:30 GMT
Hi Dirk,

> Hi,
> how can i use activemq with maven2? The version on ibiblio has curious
> version numbers for the dependencies. Maven complains that many
> poms are not version 4 and therefore finds not all dependencies needed.
> But I look at some of them and they are version 4.

This happens when the build is trying to download a dependency from a
repository that are still in maven 1 format or in maven 2 case, legacy
repositories. It will still download the dependency but it prints out a
warning (something like " POM for ... is invalid... Reason: Not a v4.0.0
POM..") and then creates a default pom, it should look some like:


> The svn version doesn't work too.

For the past few days, apache url with "https" is down. I've just tried it
and was able to checkout the source from svn. You may try one of the
following url for svn or If the problem
persist, please provide us the details of the error.

Hope this helps,


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