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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: support for legacy protocol
Date Wed, 05 Apr 2006 06:29:31 GMT
On 4/4/06, Kuppe <> wrote:
> I am new to ActiveMQ and before really evaluating the product too deeply, i
> need to determine whether there is support for a legacy protocol/connector
> that I use for connecting clients to my existing mom. The current
> implementation uses a SocketFactory to create a secure socket using the
> HTTPS protocol through proxies/firewalls (performing all negotiations
> relevant to  authenticate) and returns the secure socket to a communicator
> that then uses this socket for normal binary socket io. This provides a very
> internet friendly binary connection to our software clients.
> I am interested to know whether I am able to easily migrate this socket
> factory to an ActiveMQ connector and/or whether there is in fact an
> alternative connector included in ActiveMQ that could replicate this
> behaviour.

Pretty much everything in ActiveMQ is pluggable; in particular the
Transport layer is pluggable so that you can implement the transport
in any way you like. In particular you can derive from the
TcpTransport and provide whatever SocketFactory you wish; or overload
the mechanism to make a socket. e.g. see the SslTransportFactory and
SslTransport for examples..

ActiveMQ uses these text files...

as a discovery mechanism to auto-detect new transports - so you can
drop your jar on the classpath with the right file in
META-INF/services/... then you can use your own transport via a URI. 
e.g. set the brokerURL on the ActiveMQConnectionFactory to
mytcp://host:port etc



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