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From "Hiram Chirino" <>
Subject Re: Network Connector Configuration
Date Wed, 26 Apr 2006 22:29:41 GMT
That's one of the problems with using static discovery and not
multicast discovery for the brokers.

When you use static discovery with the failover option, the broker
sees a transport to the remote side that never fails even when the
remote broker has died.  Messages sent over the failover transport
will block until the remote broker is back online.  This blocked
network bridge is the same as having a slow consumer ( for more info
see: ).

In your case it would actually be good if the network bridge saw the
transport fail.  It would then kill the bridge and and you would not
have the slow consumer situation.  This can easily be done by
disabling the failover feature.  The problem is since your not using
multicast discovery, there is event generated to let us know when the
remote broker is back online.

Perhaps we should enhance the static: discovery agent to do a periodic
checks to see if a failed broker is back online.  Once it's back
online, then it would generate an event letting the network connector
know that it's online again.  Anybody fancy taking a stab at
implementing this?

On 4/26/06, natron <> wrote:
> I am having a problem where I have 2 network connectors from a single broker.
> Basically, I just want all data flowing through the "main" broker to be
> mirrored onto the 2 brokers specified in the network connectors.  The
> problem is that if one or both of the brokers specified in the network
> connectors goes down, eventually the main broker will block everything until
> both of the other brokers are back up.
> Is there a setting that will cause this NOT to happen?  I don't want my main
> broker blocking all traffic and waiting on the other network connectors.  I
> just want everything to be passed onto them if they *happen* to be up and
> running.
> Here is my configuration, as you can see, I tried setting "dynamicOnly" to
> true but that doesn't seem to have fixed it:
> <networkConnectors>
>         <networkConnector name="broker_A" uri="static://tcp://"
> failover="true" dynamicOnly="true"/>
>         <networkConnector name="broker_B" uri="static://tcp://"
> failover="true" dynamicOnly="true"/>
> </networkConnectors>
> Thanks,
> Natron
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