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From Rob Davies <>
Subject Re: Network Connector Configuration
Date Thu, 27 Apr 2006 05:16:13 GMT
An option would be to listen for transport failures in the  
remoteBroker transport and stop (and unwind) the local broker  
transport on failure - and only re-connect when the remote broker  
transport is re-established. transportInterupted and transportResumed  
was added to the TransportListener to do this type of stuff.

On 26 Apr 2006, at 23:29, Hiram Chirino wrote:

> That's one of the problems with using static discovery and not
> multicast discovery for the brokers.
> When you use static discovery with the failover option, the broker
> sees a transport to the remote side that never fails even when the
> remote broker has died.  Messages sent over the failover transport
> will block until the remote broker is back online.  This blocked
> network bridge is the same as having a slow consumer ( for more info
> see: ).
> In your case it would actually be good if the network bridge saw the
> transport fail.  It would then kill the bridge and and you would not
> have the slow consumer situation.  This can easily be done by
> disabling the failover feature.  The problem is since your not using
> multicast discovery, there is event generated to let us know when the
> remote broker is back online.
> Perhaps we should enhance the static: discovery agent to do a periodic
> checks to see if a failed broker is back online.  Once it's back
> online, then it would generate an event letting the network connector
> know that it's online again.  Anybody fancy taking a stab at
> implementing this?
> On 4/26/06, natron <> wrote:
>> I am having a problem where I have 2 network connectors from a  
>> single broker.
>> Basically, I just want all data flowing through the "main" broker  
>> to be
>> mirrored onto the 2 brokers specified in the network connectors.  The
>> problem is that if one or both of the brokers specified in the  
>> network
>> connectors goes down, eventually the main broker will block  
>> everything until
>> both of the other brokers are back up.
>> Is there a setting that will cause this NOT to happen?  I don't  
>> want my main
>> broker blocking all traffic and waiting on the other network  
>> connectors.  I
>> just want everything to be passed onto them if they *happen* to be  
>> up and
>> running.
>> Here is my configuration, as you can see, I tried setting  
>> "dynamicOnly" to
>> true but that doesn't seem to have fixed it:
>> <networkConnectors>
>>         <networkConnector name="broker_A" uri="static://tcp:// 
>> failover="true" dynamicOnly="true"/>
>>         <networkConnector name="broker_B" uri="static://tcp:// 
>> failover="true" dynamicOnly="true"/>
>> </networkConnectors>
>> Thanks,
>> Natron
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> Regards,
> Hiram

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