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From "Claude Montpetit [Trilliant]" <>
Subject Re: Failover failure?
Date Wed, 12 Apr 2006 18:30:27 GMT

>> Back on this subject, the problem does not occur if you have, say, a
>> MBeanServer running in your process. Any thread that keeps the consumer
>> VM running will prevent the (lingo) consumer from exiting when the
>> broker is shutdown. Since it may be common to have another active
>> thread, this may be why this problem does not show in most 4.x
>> deployments, which I just read, is supposed to be kind of production ready.
> Ah! So your problem is purely not having a non-daemon thread running
> to stop the JVM from terminating right. So its nothing to do with
> transports terminating early etc.
Ok, so we have here a perfect example of a attempted explanation from 
someone that does not know much about something, but just enough to be 
dangerous by leading you in the wrong direction... ;)

> It might be worth adding some simple FactoryBean to lingo to stop the
> JVM terminating in Lingo type deployments if thats what you want.
> Though an easy way to fix it is run some other software like an
> MBeanServer
> --
> James
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