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From Matthew Xie <>
Subject Re: could Networks of Brokers feature do this job?
Date Fri, 21 Apr 2006 08:24:25 GMT

Thanks James!
I have read your reply that i think it will work. but if i have more than 3
brokers in use,
it will become more and more complex.
i find a artical says that activemq  can provider such function. 
The url is here:
here I quoted from this artical:

"Each node communicates with a broker and we can support networks of
brokers. Thats to say brokers can communicate with brokers so that we can
make large networks of nodes and brokers. When a JMS producer sends a
message to a JMS consumer, it may travel through several brokers to reach
its final destination."

but I doesn't find any examples to help me to understand how to work with
so it is appreciate that if  you could show me some examples for it.

James.Strachan wrote:
> You can link broker 1 to broker2 and broker3. By default messages will
> be load balanced across broker2 and broker3 (assuming there are
> consumers on those brokers & you are using demand based forwarding).
> If you want ActiveMQ to use broker2 by default then you can give
> broker2 a higher consumer priority so that it will be used by default
> until it dies and then broker3 will be used.
> BTW be sure to check out master/slave if you want to replicate
> messages to 2 physical brokers to get high availability and failover
> (rather than store and forward).
> On 4/21/06, Matthew Xie <> wrote:
>> First thanks James. i had read the artical you shown me:
>> it do works for me.
>> but I have a another more complex challenge .
>> now i could use AcitveMQ broker1 transfer message(s) to another AcitveMQ
>> broker2.
>> The question now i given is that if I have the third AcitveMQ broke3,
>> while
>> here a problem( problem) accuse between broker1 and broker2(and
>> broker3 can connect each of them), so they cann't be connected .is that
>> networks of brokers can do this feature that broker1 will use broker3 to
>> transfer message(s) to broker2.  Any replay will be appreciated!
>> Thanks.
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