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From Kuppe <>
Subject MessageListener stops receiving messages from queue
Date Tue, 11 Apr 2006 04:45:54 GMT

I am running a test which creates two Destinations, one Topic and one Queue,
two MessageListeners, one listenening on the Topic the other on the Queue,
and two MessageProducers, one producing to the Topic the other to the Queue.
Once all producers and listeners are connected to the destinations, i loop
through the two message producers for a number of iterations and verify that
the consumers receive the same number of messages that the producers send.

The problem that i have is the following, when i send more than 160
messages, the queue listener does not receive any more messages than 160 -
regardless of the number that are sent. When i use Jermes to look at the
queue, I see that the remaining messages still stored in the queue are also
only up to 160. For example, if I send 161 messages to the queue, i receive
160 and see that there remains 1 in the queue. If I send 1000 messages i
receive 160 and see that there remains 160 in the queue. At the same time, I
receive all messages that are sent to the topic by the topic

I set the MessageProducers with the DeliveryMode.NON_PERSISTENT. The session
is created without transaction support and using AUTO_ACKNOWLEDGE mode.

I am running the BrokerService with the default configuration.

Thanks for your help!

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