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From RickBadertscher <>
Subject Re: Massive parallel message distribution (Thousands of clients)
Date Mon, 10 Apr 2006 16:51:58 GMT

James.Strachan wrote:
> On 4/10/06, RickBadertscher <> wrote:
>> I need to asynchronously transmit different messages to possibly
>> thousands of
>> clients.  I don't know enough about activemq implementation to know
>> whether
>> each client maintains an open socket to the provider, if so, it would
>> seem
>> jms point-to-point my not work for this type of problem as the provider
>> would be overloaded with open sockets.   Does anyone have an insight on
>> this?   I was thinking of just writing a simple multi-threaded
>> distributor
>> to do what I need, but it seems that this problem should already be
>> solved.
>> Thanks in advance.
> When you say "client" what do you mean? FWIW if its a proces (JVM) of
> some kind then it needs to use some kind of networking (TCP /
> multicast / UDP) to communicate with a JMS broker.
> The publish/subscribe feature of ActiveMQ can handle many thousands of
> clients across a network of brokers; so don't worry about the number
> of sockets; its an issue for the broker but not for the
> producer/consumer side. On modern operating systems you can often have
> 1000s of sockets open per JVM; on Solaris and modern linuxes this
> number can be > 10K sockets.
> James
>> - Rick
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> James
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Hi James,

a client is a JVM somewhere on a WAN (a java agent running on a device on
the internet).   The messages being distributed are different per client, so
pub/sub is a no go as far as I understand it, it's point to point.  I have
to admit some ignorance here, but I get confused when you say the broker vs.
producer/consumer,  in this scenerio I would look at the broker as the
producer (or at least on the same box as the producer), while the consumers
are remote jvm's.  I guess I'm used to the jms provider just being an
integral part of the appserver.     But, I think I get your point, I was
worried that maintaining such a huge # of sockets was too heavyweight, but
it sounds like its not.   In this scenerio, would you recommend using
ActiveMQ as a standalone process, or would it work just as well embedded in
a jboss process. ? 

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