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From yaussy <>
Subject Re: Out of Memory - RC2
Date Fri, 07 Apr 2006 20:47:17 GMT

I'm a little concerned about this issue too (RC2).  I will need to confirm
Monday, but I've seen a memory usage issue using non-durable topics.  I
don't believe I experienced this issue with the 3/22 SNAPSHOT, which was the
most recent snapshot I used prior to RC2 (but I will confirm).

The scenario is:
two brokers - A, B
publisher connects to A
consumer connects to B
I have topic and dispatch policies on the brokers such that the queue
between brokers is 10000, and the pending queue is 5000.  The eviction
policy is evict-oldest.

I kill off (kill-9) broker B

The A broker continues to queue to the B broker queue.  This grows to 10000,
then the pending queue grows to 5000.  This is fine, and continues to report
this #, as well as discards increasing.

However, I noticed a slow growth in memory.  Plus, the journal appeared to
grow as well, which really surprised me, since I was sending non-durable

Later, I restarted the A broker, and the memory footprint was such that it
looked to me like it pulled in the messages from the journal.

Again, I will confirm this Monday, because I was actually testing something
completely different and didn't notice things such as the journal and
restart-footprint until a day later.  So, I want to redo some tests with
this issue in mind.

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