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From Cybernd <>
Subject ActiveMQ / C++
Date Fri, 07 Apr 2006 08:47:07 GMT

I know i already asked this, but im still unable to interact with activeMQ
and c/c++.

=== openwire-c ===

uh fine! Im unable to find a consistent combination of v4.x header/sources
There are always some defines missing in ow_command_types_v1.h
Another problem are errors like
"src\libactivemq\amqcs.c(113) : error C2039: 'cacheEnabled': Ist kein
Element von 'ow_WireFormatInfo'"

Tried to fix the errors manually which enabled me to compile it. 
Result: Server cant find the implemention, because he wants to load a class
inside the package v12321341123 (long number - cant remember) instead of v1

Would it be possible to see one working consistent sourcecombination inside
the svn repo?

=== openwire-cpp ===

Till yet im unable to compile it in a proper way.
Did not spend to much effort on it, because im not even sure if it should

=== gcj ===

The wiki page explains usage of gcj.
Thought that this might be an idea but, gcj is not really alive, the wiki
page explains usage of obsolete versions and it simply ends into a
dependency hell at compilation time. 

=== REST ===

My current try is usage of REST. Sounds easy, but without any examples/doc
its not really intuitive to use. The servlet integration itself might be
already a problem.


ActiveMQ is such a nice lib. When i evaluated JMS products i thought: hey
good connectivity - chose activeMQ! 

But nowerdays i tend to say - one c/c++ lib would be good enough when it
works without hassles out of the box. I already consider to implement my own
JMS dispatcher on the top of activeMQ talking to c++ via simple tcp calls.

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