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From "Etienne Carouy" <>
Subject RE:
Date Mon, 24 Apr 2006 11:25:46 GMT

First of all thanks for your answer.

A queue can have multiple consumers? Until now I think that a queue is a
Point to Point model (only one publisher 	and one consumer per queue).

My application receives a lot of message per second but the processing time
is too long (about 2, 3 seconds per message).So I have a first application
that do some work (ack some message and so on) and post messages in a
(topic/queue). A second application consume message and do all the stuff. 

My question is : If the load continue to increase, it will be necessary to
dispatch message on multiple computer but I have to process only once each
message. What is the best way to do that (Topic or Queue)?

I hope that you understand what I mean.


On 4/24/06, Etienne Carouy <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a little question about message groups.
> In my application I need to dispatch message to only one consumer. (I have
> thread that publish messages into some topics and multiple consumers on
> topic). Ideally each message will be proceeded only by one consumer.

It shoulds like you want a queue not a topic if you want each message
to only go to one consumer?



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