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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: Standard JMS client calling lingo server
Date Fri, 24 Mar 2006 20:24:49 GMT
On 3/24/06, claudem <> wrote:
> I am new to JMS so I may be missing important points. But isn't Lingo doing
> something with temporary queues to allow the server to send back result?
> Isn't there internal data (id) sent between the 2 lingo sides as well? If
> so, should the non-lingo client replicate this?

Messages sent to a service typically on a regular topic or queue; but
responses to a client tend to use a temporary queue.

>From a pure JMS perspective; services should generally reply to the
destination set on the Message.getJMSReplyTo() destination - and pass
along the value of Message.getJMSCorrelationID() so that the client
can associate the message to the right request.

Thats the core data used by Lingo to implement asynchronous
request-response on JMS - so provided the service respects these
general JMS contract for replying to requests, it should all work -
assuming that the payload of the messages are readable by both ends
(e.g. see my previous comment on marshallers & XStream)



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