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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: Architecture doubt
Date Tue, 21 Mar 2006 11:51:19 GMT
Absolutely; you should be able to make a network of master/slave
brokers. A master/slave pair acts as a logical broker - so you should
be able to network them.

BTW what kind of load do you expect? Are the 10K clients mostly
consumers or are they all publishing etc? e.g. what kinds of
messages/second are you thinking of.

Depending on your OS and the hardware you're running it on, a single
broker could deal with 10K clients - its mostly an issue of can the
broker deal with the IO load, the number of threads & mostly the
number of sockets that the broker can deal with; but its likely you'll
want a few less clients per broker - maybe 1-4K per broker.


On 3/21/06, Javier Leyba <> wrote:
> Hi All
> I'm planning to use ActiveMQ in a big environment with more than 10
> thousands clients subscribed to topics.
> Obviously, I'll need HA and some kind of load balancing.
> I've tested a master/slave architecture and it worked (i've problems
> with my listener now, but it worked).
> I've tested a net of workers too and it works balancing data.
> But now I've a big problem. If I use a master/slave option, my server
> will be receiving a lot of work, specially when clients starts their
> job at 8am. I really don't know if a broker will work well against
> such heavy load. The way to avoid this is to have a net of brokers
> with n brokers receiving the heavy load in a balanced way, but a net
> of workers give no HA.
> Now I think my solution could be a mix of both scenarios and I want to
> ask: Could I make a net of brokers where each broker be a master/slave
> node ? Is this possible ?
> Do somebody have another idea to construct my environment ?
> Thanks in advance
> J



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