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From "Javier Leyba" <>
Subject Architecture doubt
Date Tue, 21 Mar 2006 08:45:10 GMT
Hi All

I'm planning to use ActiveMQ in a big environment with more than 10
thousands clients subscribed to topics.

Obviously, I'll need HA and some kind of load balancing.

I've tested a master/slave architecture and it worked (i've problems
with my listener now, but it worked).

I've tested a net of workers too and it works balancing data.

But now I've a big problem. If I use a master/slave option, my server
will be receiving a lot of work, specially when clients starts their
job at 8am. I really don't know if a broker will work well against
such heavy load. The way to avoid this is to have a net of brokers
with n brokers receiving the heavy load in a balanced way, but a net
of workers give no HA.

Now I think my solution could be a mix of both scenarios and I want to
ask: Could I make a net of brokers where each broker be a master/slave
node ? Is this possible ?

Do somebody have another idea to construct my environment ?

Thanks in advance


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