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From "Claude Montpetit [Trilliant]" <>
Subject Re: Failover failure?
Date Fri, 31 Mar 2006 14:49:30 GMT
Here are modifications to the lingo ExampleTest class. Do attachments 
work on the mailing list? I CC'ed you james in case they get filtered 
out. I attached these files:


The java file is a modified version where I added a main method. Here is 
how you can reproduce the problem. Save those 3 files in the example 
package of the lingo 1.1 src/test folder. Setup your environment to use 
ActiveMQ 4. The supplied XML files only work with v4.

There are 2 issues I found:
 - Problem A: server terminates when broker stops
 - Problem B: client adds threads indefinitely when broker restarts

Please let me know if the way I coded both version of the main (client 
and server) are not correct.

Problem A (server stops):

1- Execute
      java org.logicblaze.lingo.example.ExampleTest server
   The server uses failover and waits for the broker to be available.

2- Start activemq on its default port (61616). I am currently using 
March 23rd snapshot.

3- The server connects to the broker.

4- Stop activemq

5- The server (started in #1) terminates.

Problem B (client adds threads indefinitely):

1- Execute
      java org.logicblaze.lingo.example.ExampleTest client
   The client uses failover and waits for the broker to be available.

2- Start activemq.

3- The client connects to the broker, sends the message and waits for 

4- Stop activemq

5- The client disconnects from the broker but continues to wait for the 

6- restart activemq

7- The client connects to the broker.

8- a TcpTransport thread is created at each 20 seconds or so indefinitely.


James Strachan a écrit :
> I've no idea how to reproduce this in ActiveMQ; I wonder if you could
> create a JUnit test case? I'm pretty sure the failover code is working
> and will keep retrying forever until someone closes the
> connection/transport.
> I wonder if your problem is actually that Lingo is timing things out
> and failing with an exception if a request does not complete within a
> specific amount of time?
> Can you reproduce your issue using just JMS?

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