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From frenchc <>
Subject Re: Message Redelivery after startup, potential BUG with easy test case
Date Mon, 27 Mar 2006 02:52:01 GMT

Update.  This issue doesn't exist in version 3.2.1.  I can't find the source
for version3.2.1 to compare the code though with version 4 and a potential

Also, I've done some investigating of the code.  I found that during a
recover, sometimes the RecordLocation of the Journal was starting from an
incorrect location.  For instance, if I ran 10 message consumes and quit the
broker (ctrl-c) then restarted, the recover would start on the Journal on
the 10th "remove message" record.  So, it appears when the journal started,
it would not read all the "remove message entries" and therefore those
messages would still be there.  I made a fix to the JournalMessageStore
removeMessage method to add the location of these remove message to a
Hashmap that contains "inflightlocations" to see if this would cause the
correct RecordLocation to be returned for the checkpoint and it seemed to
work correctly now.  It could be anecdotal, but can someone please let me
know if this appear to be a bug to them as well?  Or am I missing something
completely here, and why hasn't this been noted by others?  Can someone
please offer something?

Here's my code change from JournalMessageStore:

public void removeMessage(ConnectionContext context, final MessageAck ack)
throws IOException {
        final boolean debug = log.isDebugEnabled();
        JournalQueueAck remove = new JournalQueueAck();
        final RecordLocation location =
peristenceAdapter.writeCommand(remove, ack.isResponseRequired());
        System.out.println("removed message: " + location);
        if( !context.isInTransaction() ) {
            if( debug )
                log.debug("Journalled message remove for:
"+ack.getLastMessageId()+", at: "+location);
            removeMessage(ack, location);
ADD==>            synchronized( this ) {
ADD==>              inFlightTxLocations.add(location);
ADD==>          }
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