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From Andrea Manca <>
Subject porting from JbossMQ
Date Wed, 15 Mar 2006 16:57:01 GMT
Hi all.
I've a couple of question regarding the port from a webapp using JbossMq
to the same using AMQ

I've integrated AMQ with Jboss-4.0.3 as explained in

Now i've an MDB deployed in Jboss+JbossMq listen on a remote topic on
Jboss+AMQ, and i need to setup the broker to redeliver a message on
rollback once every 10 sec indefinitely.

I achieve the same thing in JbossMQ place the following xml in 

<mbean code=""
    <depends optional-attribute-
    <depends optional-attribute-
    <attribute name="SecurityConf">
         <role name="subscriber" read="true" write="false"
         <role name="publisher" read="true" write="true"
         <role name="durpublisher" read="true" write="true"
    <attribute name="RedeliveryDelay">10000</attribute>
    <attribute name="RedeliveryLimit">-1</attribute>

It's possible to obtain the same behavior with ActiveMQ?

2) In JbossMq isn't possible configure one MDB to listen from multiple
queues (or topic) unless you deploy multiple time the same MDB and
configure everyone to listen on a different queue.
Has ActiveMQ a feature to accomplish this?

Thanks in advance

Andrea Manca <> s.r.l.

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