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From "Gerdes, Mike" <>
Subject ssl and networkconnectors
Date Thu, 23 Mar 2006 09:54:24 GMT


I still have some problems with AMQ and SSL. I have set up a keystore and a truststore and
everything works fine, when I use in the network connector multicast://default.
But I have encountered that AMQ uses the vm connector and not the ssl to connect to remote
brokers, that don't use ssl.

So how can I force AMQ to use only and really only the SSL connector that I specified for
all connections. And this should at best work together with discovery, so that AMQ discovers
other brokers and connects to their SSL connector.

My tries so far have been with changing network brokers and mostly I get the error:

You must specify a group to discover

Oh is there any website that says how I configure discovery? Failover also doesn't work. I
mean when I use:

      <networkConnector name="default" uri="failover:(tcp://host1:61616)"/>

Do I understand something totally wrong here?



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