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From "Gerdes, Mike" <>
Subject Network of brokers, discoveryuri and jaas
Date Thu, 16 Mar 2006 09:46:43 GMT


after some trying I managed to get AMQ4 working with JAAS and a broker network. In the activemq.xml
file I didn't used the discoveryUri. Then I wanted to try it and got an error. So what happend?
What does the discoveryUri do and how can I get it to work with JAAS?
Here is a snipped part of my activemq.xml file:

      	<jaasAuthenticationPlugin configuration="activemq-domain" />
              <authorizationEntry queue=">" read="admins" write="admins" admin="admins"
              <authorizationEntry topic=">" read="admins" write="admins" admin="admins"

       <transportConnector uri="tcp://localhost:61617" discoveryUri="multicast://default"/>
      <networkConnector uri="multicast://default"/>

And here one the strange errors I get:

tcp:/// to remove connection ConnectionInfo {commandId = 2, res
ponseRequired = false, connectionId = ID:D0208611-1872-1142502133151-3:0, client
Id = NC_Writer_outboundWriter, userName = null, password = null, brokerPath = nu

The strange thing is that I get these security errors only when I use discoveryUri and not
when I don't use it. This error is because AMQ wants a password and doesn't get it. Even if
the application should deliver it, because it can use AMQ in a cluster, when discoveryUri
is not set.



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