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From "Jesus M. Salvo Jr." <>
Subject JMS transactions and database operations
Date Fri, 10 Feb 2006 08:09:57 GMT

This may sound a bit off-topic, but I am sure somebody has gone through this 
process as well.

I need JDBC operations to be included in the JMS transactions.

The quick answer would be to use JTA ... but I am not using any application 
server nor any transaction manager.

Furthermore, I only have one database ( Sybase ), and I would like to use 
Sybase via JConnect JDBC as the persistence for ActiveMQ, but also use the 
same Sybase database for JDBC operations ... and have these external JDBC 
operations and JMS sessions "combined into a single transaction". ( That is, 
when I consume a message from the queue, I would do other JDBC operations ... 
and that all of these should be treated as one transaction ).

The closest thing that I can find is JOTM, an open source Java Transaction 
Manager JTA implementation.

Has anyone used ActiveMQ  + JOTM ( no other appserver, no JNDI, etc. ) and 
have JMS transactions and JDBC transactions managed by JOTM ??

What I am also concerned about is that, at the time that the article was 
published and when the feedbacks were posted, according to someone ( from a 
commercial competitor ) at that time, JOTM does not provide recovery:

Things must have changed since then for JOTM, and it appears it already 
provides recovery .. though since I am no expert with XA or JTA, I do not 
know if the recovery provided by JOTM is up to the required standard.



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