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From Datacom - Marcelo <>
Subject sample to show the problem with subscribers
Date Fri, 30 Dec 2005 13:58:55 GMT
Hi, as I told I write 2 small classes to demonstrate what is happening 
here. The scenario is composed by 3 computers, one running 
activemq-server (last stable version) in windows 2000 professional,  one 
running solaris 8 and ond running windows xp professional. Java 5_04 is 
used to run the codes.

I've created a common topic, a simple selector and I'd published a 
message to all three subscribers from one computer at a time. Here is 
the results:

When win 2k publishes:
solaris receives,
windows xp does not,
win2k receives (itself)
When solaris publishes:
solaris receives (itself),
windows xp does not,
win2k receives
When windows xp publishes:
solaris receives,
windows xp receives (it self),
win2k receives

I sent attached the classes I used to run the tests, I may be doing 
something wrong but this same tests run fine with OpenJMS and they are 
so simple.
Just have to pass the openJMS server ip as parameter and the message is 
published or topic subscriber.

Thanks in advance,


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