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From Mats Forslöf <>
Subject Extra linefeeds in STOMP
Date Thu, 15 Dec 2005 09:23:00 GMT

Since the mailing list have been moved to Apache I re-post my previous mail.

I have been playing around with AMQ 3.2 and STOMP but it seems that the server sends an extra
linefeed before (or after) the frame contents. This makes the stomp.c function stomp_read()
to fail since it tries to extract headers from the command field (due to the line feed parsing).
It is easily corrected by adding the following lines in function stomp_read_buffer() at line
153. But, shoule the server send the extra linefeed?

	  // PATCH: Skip extraneous line feed
	  if( i == 0 && tail->data[i] == '\n' )
		  continue ;

Also, the server occasionally seems to send a message multiple times.

Has anyone seen the above or should I file some bugs?


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