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From ldebello <>
Subject Help to create test to reproduce issue
Date Tue, 21 May 2019 18:03:15 GMT
Hi guys,

I am trying to create a test to reproduce one issue with hit in Artemis
2.7.0 but it works in 2.6.3 so as first step I am trying to reproduce it
with a test instead of manually.


Server 1:
Artemis Broker with a Bridge to Server 2.

Server 2:
Artemis Broker creating a cluster with Server 3.

Server 3:
Cluster with Server 2.

AMQP Client sending Message to Server 1 Address
Server 1 Diverts to FrameworkNotifications. There is a Bridge to Server 2
from FrameworkNotifications to BridgeNotifications and later in Server 2 a
Divert to Notifications.

The test work if the Consumer is in Server 2. The message sent to Server 1
arrives to Server 2.
The test does not work if the Consumer is in Server 3.

When doing this manually in Artemis 2.6.3 it works as expected but it does
not work in Artemis 2.7.0.

Could you help to check why my test is not working in Artemis 2.6.3 so I can
debug and fix the problem in 2.7.0


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