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From Lax <>
Subject Uneven distributions of consumers across multiple activemq broker nodes
Date Thu, 09 May 2019 00:38:35 GMT
Our application has 8 workflow nodes which get connected to 2 activemq broker
nodes. Each workflow node has 40 consumers defined. Ideally, when we start 2
activemq broker nodes followed by 8 workflow nodes - we should see
(4*40=160) consumers on each of the node. Because 4 workflow nodes should
get connected to 1 activemq broker and the other 4 workflow nodes should get
connected to other activemq broker. This kind of even/equal distribution
happens once in a while only. Most of the times we improper distribution
like (3*40) on one activemq broker and (5*40) on the other activemq broker.
Below are the 2 options we tried. Both the options have the same problem.

set :jms_common_broker_url,

set :jms_common_broker_url, "failover:(tcp://<gtm_dns_server>:61616)"

Can anyone please let us know the options we have to make even consumers
distribution on the activemq broker nodes?

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