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From jdfields <>
Subject Links to NMS Sandcastle documentation broken on new website
Date Wed, 17 Apr 2019 13:48:31 GMT
I also submitted: It was
suggested there that I also mention it on this forum.

It appears that the Sandcastle-generated documents are no longer on the web
site, but still links to
them. If those files are still available somewhere and those links could be
restored, that would be great, as they are used by some of our Windows devs
to interact with a Java based system via NMS and ActiveMQ.

I'd be happy to help, but as a Java/Linux dev, don't have the resources
readily available to checkout and run the nant build to generate the files.
But I could probably get help from our Windows devs (they are using NMS at
my recommendation). Then I would need some instructions how to get the
generated files onto

Presumably there is an automated build somewhere to publish to Nuget? Would
that not be the correct place to run the Sandcastle generation, and publish
the results to ?

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