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From jgenender <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Status of NMS & CMS
Date Tue, 12 Mar 2019 23:27:24 GMT
Thanks for the explanation.

I think I mentioned Jamie Goodyear had showed interest to help with JIRAs
and know there are others who will help when important JIRAs pop up.  I
think those APIs are simple clients that probably don’t require a lot of
loving care and are relatively stable.  I don’t think stackoverflow is
necessarily a good indicator of its use.  They are pretty simple to utilize. 
A better indicator of user base is number of downloads.  But I don’t know if
we track that.  Also remember these are not major components of AMQ.  They
are just connectors so I don’t expect heavy activity.

Also, if there truly are openwire alternatives, then I get your point.  But
STOMP and AMQP are not openwire.

I would agree that there is not likely to be much additional enhancements to
them as they do what they do.  But I do see serious bugs getting fixed by
some of the committers.  I think the release of them needs to be fixed and
this came up earlier on CMS, but there was no resolution.  I do know Jamie
wanted and offered to fix it.

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