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From Clebert Suconic <>
Subject [DISCUSS] ActiveMQ Artemis Native as a separated project
Date Wed, 30 Jan 2019 16:31:11 GMT
One of the modules of ActiveMQ Artemis is the Native Layer:

We currently hold all JNI Calls (pretty much libaio ATM).

It is stable and the release cycle is very long. Maybe one or two
changes an year with the current scope. This may become different if
we expand the scope of JNI operations supported by the broker).

I would like to make it a separate git repository from ActiveMQ
Artemis, with its own releasy cycle. (we would even be able to remove
the currently .so that are currently checked in on artemis).  It is
the sensitive thing to do.

I don't think it as a separate project, just as a separate repository
with its own release cycle to make things easier.

I would like to name it ActiveMQ-Native, dropping the word Artemis, as
it would be used for any further JNI operations needed for any other
Java Projects part of ActiveMQ Artemis. We currently only have libaio,
but I would keep the door open for other JNI operations we may need.

I was wondering if anyone have any other ideas around it.

Also: Would we need a vote to proceed on such change after we reach a
consensus on what to do here?
Clebert Suconic

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