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From Gajanan Waghmare <>
Subject Issue with Storage definition for ActivMQ
Date Mon, 22 Oct 2018 05:30:06 GMT
Hi Team,

I found it little strange and hoping it to be wrong but what I observed is,
ActiveMQ does not count its own usage before setting the memory limits.

We have a disk partition of 15gb where we store ActiveMQ journal files and
the storage limit is set to 10gb. When the size of the journals reaches to
8gb it works fine. But if I restart the component it tries to calculate
usable memory which is actually 7 gb because rest 8gb is occupied by
ActiveMQ journal files. The process resets the maximum size from 10gb to 7
gb and tries to load the existing 8gb files. It stop publishing further by
logging an error "Persistent Store is Full"

In this example the process was working smoothly but restart can cause an
issue which doesn't sound ideal. I am expecting while deriving the max
Storage limit ActiveMQ should include its current usage.

When checked the method "checkUsageLimit" could see that totalUsableSpace is
derived by adding up the currentUsage, which actually doesn't seem to take

Could you please help to check this.

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