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From Alec Henninger <>
Subject Alternative SubQueueSelectorCacheBroker implementations (for replicating the cache)
Date Sat, 08 Sep 2018 17:40:57 GMT
Hi activemq devs,

Background: We're running a multitenant activemq pair using selector aware
virtual topics extensively but also need truly durable subscriptions.
The SubQueueSelectorCacheBroker plugin was developed for this purpose as we
understand, however it persists the selector cache in a File, and we'd like
to instead use a shared/replicated cache that doesn't depend on a node
first storing the cached consumer selector locally first. The reason for
this is, with the current implementation, there is an edge case where if

1. A active broker has not yet cached a consumer's selector (e.g. secondary
broker becomes primary that hasn't yet received connection from said
2. Producer connects and starts publishing messages before consumer

...then those messages will be lost. In some domains, any message loss is
really undesirable so we want to do everything we can to prevent that while
still using selector aware virtual topics. We'd just turn off
selectorAware, but then we have to deal with message build up for consumers
using selectors, and we have little control over how/when consumers use

So given those constraints, we'd like to contribute an alternative
implementation of the plugin that allows use of something other than a
File, but before we get too far on that we'd like to get the opinion of
activemq devs on how to approach that. I can talk about a few options I've
thought of so far, and of course if you have others, would love to hear

Option 1: Change SubQueueSelectorCacheBroker to an interface.
Right now, SelectorAwareVirtualTopicInterceptor is tightly coupled to the
concrete SubQueueSelectorCacheBroker type. This makes extending this plugin
(at least with current implementation) difficult. If the interceptor was
only tied to an interface, then of course this enables alternative
implementations. The interface only needs a single `Set<String>
getSelector(String destination)` method.

Option 2: (Not mutually exclusive with 1) Inject abstract persistence
mechanism into SubQueueSelectorCacheBroker instead of injecting File
This removes most of the impact of coupling mentioned in Option 1, since
the plugin itself would be decoupled from a specific persistence mechanism.
Not sure what the right abstraction is here. Could inject an interface as
low-level as one method for `persistCache(ConcurrentMap<String,
Set<String>> subSelectorCache)` and another for `ConcurrentMap<String,
Set<String>> getCache()`. In this case, the periodic flushing mechanism
still exists in the plugin, it just calls out to the this interface do the
initial read and periodic flushes. Let's call this option 2.1. This seems
like a missed opportunity to also abstract out how the cache is updated–if
we're using a database or key:value store, we might use some other
algorithm to update the nonvolatile cache than periodic flushing. So
perhaps instead an interface more like the selector map itself (put/get
methods). Let's call that option 2.2. It's tempting to also pull out the in
memory caching as responsibility of this interface as well, but these feels
so ubiquitously useful it might make sense to leave that inside the plugin.
Let's call moving the in memory caching pieces inside the interface
implementation option 2.3.

Hopefully that made sense. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!


PS Any Red Hatters feel free to contact me at if you'd
like to chat in person

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