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From dbeavon <>
Subject Re: Why the push to deprecate NMS-openwire?
Date Tue, 28 Aug 2018 00:47:51 GMT
The bugs I was encountering while connecting from NMS clients were exposed as
error messages in the broker logs.  They appeared to be Artemis bugs.

This doesn't have to be a redhat-specific question.  I can rephrase if you
like.  Is Apache Artemis supposed to be allowing connectivity from
NMS-openwire clients?  (If not, I assume there are incompatibilities that
affect NMS and not JMS.)

The following lists a number of protocols and API's that are supported in
Artemis: Note that there is no mention
of NMS at all.

I see that one of my issues with NMS appears to have been fixed back in

Is there any reason for me to avoid using NMS with Artemis, or should I give
it another shot?  As I pointed out earlier, there were discussions about
rebuilding the NMS API on top of AMQP, but I'd prefer to keep using the
"openwire" variety of NMS as long as it is supported with Artemis. 

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