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From Christopher Shannon <>
Subject Re: Webconsole deprecation
Date Thu, 26 Apr 2018 19:35:11 GMT

Sure, if there were actually people around who wanted to maintain the
web console and did the work then that would be fine but that just
hasn't been the reality.

Furthermore, there are certain things that require PMC members to
handle so there would still need to be people on the PMC willing to
support the web console as well (which hasn't really been the case
other than a few minor fixes I have committed the past couple years).

On Thu, Apr 26, 2018 at 3:09 PM, jgenender <> wrote:
> clebertsuconic wrote
>> I did not mean to be harsh.. I just tried to make a straight point.
>> either fix it or deprecate it.. discussions won't solve it!
> It will solve it... because people will step up, or they won't, which means,
> yes, the discussions will ultimately find a path to resolution.  This is the
> Apache Way.
> If we simply deprecated stuff just because something isn't loved, then I
> think there are lots of ActiveMQ *and* Artemis items that would be
> deprecated. :-)
> So lets have a positive discussion to help resolve this.
> At this point, Christopher brought up the potential deprecation for why...
> we have a community member who still wants it to stay... and a committer who
> would like to get issues open so he can step up and possibly make fixes (at
> least from what I am reading).
> That seems like a good positive discussion with potentially good results to
> me.
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