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From limingan <>
Subject [GitHub] activemq pull request #271: Activemq 5.9
Date Mon, 01 Jan 2018 11:16:25 GMT
GitHub user limingan opened a pull request:

    Activemq 5.9


You can merge this pull request into a Git repository by running:

    $ git pull activemq-5.9

Alternatively you can review and apply these changes as the patch at:

To close this pull request, make a commit to your master/trunk branch
with (at least) the following in the commit message:

    This closes #271
commit be78a364e54cdc483423aa999965dca73171250d
Author: gtully <gary.tully@...>
Date:   2013-10-22T14:16:25Z

    avoid jvm fork console popup on osx

commit 52dc82b000aa7838aab5a9dae2952a9315e6dead
Author: gtully <gary.tully@...>
Date:   2013-10-22T14:22:36Z

    modify fix for - apply maxBrowsePageSize,
when > 0 it will limit a browser dispatch; related to

commit 6dbbdcc935df8e4c40617cf9773ea6a1de22a7ba
Author: gtully <gary.tully@...>
Date:   2013-10-23T10:34:47Z

    remove some javadoc warn

commit e7d1269125544696f7cbcd394fa7b971ef839196
Author: Timothy Bish <tabish121@...>
Date:   2013-10-23T16:23:30Z

    fix for:

commit ab1db0258cdefc0d2795a596a9f6c8d8e59f1dc3
Author: gtully <gary.tully@...>
Date:   2013-10-24T11:59:15Z - find elements by ns and local name to
deal with namespace prefix. Ensure we trap all errors on plugin start so we don't cause a
failed broker start, and trap no broker element with a better error

commit 5b6202ba4115c82b70be1086b13b85cd5226375b
Author: Timothy Bish <tabish121@...>
Date:   2013-10-24T14:41:05Z

    fix for:

commit 81ebd58f861c0579854eba5917b200f4097ba91a
Author: Christian Posta <christian.posta@...>
Date:   2013-10-24T17:36:00Z

    Fix for NetworkConnector not registered
in JMX when created from Broker View + unit tests

commit 499ab6849a341378a9349739a87378fe36e042a2
Author: gtully <gary.tully@...>
Date:   2013-10-24T21:08:36Z - refix; we now use any referenced factorybean
for default properties

commit a87deff812cf6efbc167de7e41284c445fdb169c
Author: gtully <gary.tully@...>
Date:   2013-10-30T16:21:12Z

    remove unneeded deps that pull in older amq versions

commit 28e6e6f7fced2236ffd54ecc20abfc4f0ca18c92
Author: Hiram Chirino <hiram@...>
Date:   2013-10-30T16:21:50Z

    Add a toString() method to the replicated leveldb store so that it displays a nicer message
when the broker starts it up.

commit 8a5c0528f8bcd1abca9fbecaad6b1fd1a94d0a45
Author: Hiram Chirino <hiram@...>
Date:   2013-10-30T17:19:26Z - Fixing bug where stomp ws example allows
remote JS execution.

commit 4db585da15fee9f4a0e4a69cbbd3e023cd31f224
Author: Hiram Chirino <hiram@...>
Date:   2013-10-30T17:55:55Z

    Fixes - Invalid STOMP frame sent on websocket
connections with heartbeats.

commit 7fd082a3a31ecd5a3e34f9a59c6f2fc758468764
Author: Hiram Chirino <hiram@...>
Date:   2013-10-30T17:56:22Z

    Makes it easier to launch activemq from an IDE in debug mode.

commit 251b7da5a865137244b321f80622138d2bb548ef
Author: Hiram Chirino <hiram@...>
Date:   2013-10-30T19:34:29Z

    Only register the leveldb store MBeans in JMX if jmx is enabled on the broker.

commit 5161087f31f6217d423c4683041c18bc5655889e
Author: Hiram Chirino <hiram@...>
Date:   2013-10-30T19:35:26Z

    Working on a test case for : LevelDB corrupted
in AMQ cluster.

commit 926a43533fcb58f1bb43a16b7a510af0ff059e98
Author: Claus Ibsen <claus.ibsen@...>
Date:   2013-10-31T11:13:32Z

    AMQ-4433: Validate transport connector options, to detect invalud/unused options
and fail. Thanks to Christoffer Sawicki for the patch.

commit 50f37beb87facd24c07e66b4ed82a30a9d410278
Author: Hiram Chirino <hiram@...>
Date:   2013-10-31T16:18:48Z

    Fix for: : LevelDB corrupted in AMQ cluster.
    - Log rotation was causing a pre-mature index snapshot to be taken on the slave (snapshot
while the slave was still synchronizing).
    - Also fix issue with the append position displayed in JMX for the master not being correct.

commit 7ec13f21104d46f2d4fe16e8ace522e7ac8bfa89
Author: Dejan Bosanac <dejan@...>
Date:   2013-10-31T16:58:40Z - allow kahadb to recover from failed file

commit 8a9ea481fda02ae2cc2e80595e47d536a8f64542
Author: gtully <gary.tully@...>
Date:   2013-10-31T21:16:17Z - apply patch from Matthew Walker with

commit a38d26b41990aa9b0b45ec9440ba39cf3ccac966
Author: Claus Ibsen <claus.ibsen@...>
Date:   2013-11-01T11:46:36Z

    AMQ-4841: Fixed JDBC leased locker to allow being configured in any order in the XML file,
being able to use the defined statemnts. Otherwise you would have had to define the locker
last in the XML file. Thanks to Pat Fox for the test case.

commit a675bd96f062b97247e7e623d2a6509a71b6c9f2
Author: Dejan Bosanac <dejan@...>
Date:   2013-11-01T13:02:49Z - close delegated file only if not null

commit 702a0065ddffb18e375635cbd56439489033a60f
Author: Hiram Chirino <hiram@...>
Date:   2013-11-01T16:08:19Z

    Fix for: : LevelDB corrupted in AMQ cluster.
    - The tracked flushed offset was not getting initialized to match the initial size of
the log file.  This invalid flushed offset was being used to do the initial sync /w the slave
and then things went downhill.

commit 196f261ea04ac717cc2465fdebd58a14e521bd89
Author: Claus Ibsen <claus.ibsen@...>
Date:   2013-11-01T17:04:35Z

    AMQ-4668: REST API only accepts non-form content if content type of text/xml

commit afc0f938ea11b8a854d15b12612a1d49c74f9ffc
Author: Claus Ibsen <claus.ibsen@...>
Date:   2013-11-02T13:51:09Z

    AMQ-4685: Improved LDAPLoginModule to support ldap alias when result is absolute. Thanks
to Igor Podolskiy for patch.

commit b54a9422e166ebeae95e83ebc90adc1c7a750945
Author: Claus Ibsen <claus.ibsen@...>
Date:   2013-11-02T14:24:01Z

    AMQ-4746: Fixed ClassLoadingAwareObjectInputStream to load simple types first, using same
logic as in Camel. This helps with AMQ clients in other runtimes such as Applet based or whatnot.

commit 7659bfcbda00724fe35b33cb181b4c638094583c
Author: Claus Ibsen <claus.ibsen@...>
Date:   2013-11-02T18:27:00Z

    Polished camel broker component

commit 0747d1c51238a2399758193c4ab647a06ca96e14
Author: Claus Ibsen <claus.ibsen@...>
Date:   2013-11-02T18:32:44Z

    Removed not use class, which neither has ever been documentated, or used by end users.
Also they can implement their own spring JMS message converter if they want.

commit 7868b72a1783b4d1b9ddfa4149a8cfcb61b622ae
Author: Claus Ibsen <claus.ibsen@...>
Date:   2013-11-02T18:34:18Z

    Removed non existing AMQ journal Camel component which was removed a long time ago.

commit 8238c4d8221f0a0999e2ca76ae033bbb8cc0e870
Author: Claus Ibsen <claus.ibsen@...>
Date:   2013-11-02T19:17:28Z

    AMQ-4325: Fixed ActiveMQ Camel component to support username/password being configured
when using ActiveMQ factory method. Also fixes the factory method would eager create plain
connection factory, instead of using createConnectionFactory method as otherwise, which is
optimized for AMQ.

commit fea4320f5214f8abf4ac6563d1f610f6422a29f3
Author: Claus Ibsen <claus.ibsen@...>
Date:   2013-11-03T07:53:36Z

    AMQ-3350: Fixed chat web demo which may swallow first message. Thanks to Ken Seiss for
the patch.



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