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From Bruce Snyder <>
Subject Thoughts on refactoring the ActiveMQ website
Date Thu, 07 Dec 2017 04:20:50 GMT
Several opinions have been expressed recently that the ActiveMQ website
needs some attention and that Artemis should be made more prominent. I'd
like to discuss some ideas to see what we could achieve on this topic.

If we are going to make Artemis more prominent, the first concern I
identified is that the ActiveMQ website and the Artemis website are
authored differently. The ActiveMQ website is authored in the Confluence
wiki and exported to HTML automagically whereas the Artemis website is
authored in raw HTML. As a result, the two sites have a very different look
and feel to them. This presents some challenges to using the content
between the two.

But this presents other questions -- do we want the two sites to look
similar or different? When someone looks at Artemis content, do we want the
user to immediately know that they are looking at ActiveMQ content vs.
Artemis based content solely due to the look and feel of the site? Should
there even be two different sites?

I would prefer to have the site authored in a language that is easier to
write than HTML (such as Markdown). I would also like the files comprising
the site to live in a git repo. To give the site a modern look and feel
means using CSS (e.g., SASS, etc.). All these things can be achieved using
Jekyll, but first we would need to convert the raw HTML files to Mardown to
put in git. I have experimented with some tools to convert HTML to Markdown
and they are less than ideal. Does anyone have any experience with this?

Sorry for the rambling. Anyone else interested to help tackle this thorny
set of issues?


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