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From jbertram <>
Subject [GitHub] activemq-artemis issue #1536: ARTEMIS-1422 fix RedeployTest after match chan...
Date Thu, 14 Sep 2017 17:41:47 GMT
Github user jbertram commented on the issue:
    The test org.apache.activemq.artemis.tests.integration.jms.RedeployTest#testRedeployAddressQueue
succeeds before 8bd8e2bd5d4fc2fc3e69bcfbb20799bc55bc1e9e and then fails afterward so regardless
of whether or not it *should* be affected, it is affected.
    At first I also thought the change in 8bd8e2bd5d4fc2fc3e69bcfbb20799bc55bc1e9e was wrong,
but looking at it more closely I believe RedeployTest was actually in error for not using
the proper delimiter for matching.  [The documentation](
    > ...wildcard expression contains words delimited by the character '.' (full stop)...The
special characters '#' and '*' also have special meaning and can take the place of a word.
    In other words, the special characters '#' and '*' match words and words are delimited
with '.' characters.
    From what I can tell all the examples in the documentation and the code use the '.' delimiter
appropriately except for RedeployTest which uses '\_' instead.  Before the fix in 8bd8e2bd5d4fc2fc3e69bcfbb20799bc55bc1e9e
using '\_' worked since '#' was transformed into '.*' which would match any string without
respect to the delimiter.  Once the code was fixed to respect the delimiter then the test
began to fail.


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