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From Clebert Suconic <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSSS] Web Management Console for Artemis.
Date Thu, 13 Jul 2017 16:10:29 GMT
I am tempted to merge it now actually....

Anyone opposed to this? it would be cool to have a console on this
next release.. if it's all good.

On Mon, Jul 10, 2017 at 3:30 PM, Michael André Pearce
<> wrote:
> Hi All,
> I would like to start a fresh discussion to keep things cleaner, and to provide more
of a notification/update. (also to better name the subject)
> The requirement for such a tool comes from many end users (including myself) which keep
requesting such a feature of a web management console (a small selection of a much larger
list i can supply many more), and so becomes more and more pressing to resolve.
> <>
> <>
> Based off the discussion here:
> We have some key requirements as noted were (not exhaustive but a small summary of noted
in the above thread):
> Must be ActiveMQ Branded
> No third party / propriety other products should be mentioned apart from a powered by.
> Help and about pages should be ActiveMQ Artemis focussed
> Provide functionality to manage the broker
> This should be able to expand over time
> License/Notice files and any legal requirements are updated/met
> The war size should be kept to a minimum
> Login/Security should be integrated to the broker roles/users
> Plugins/customisation specific to AcitveMQ Artemis to reside in ActiveMQ Artemis project.
> Also we had some good early feedback in the community on the missing bits in our early
PR, of bits that needed/must be addressed. (thanks to Dan, Clebert, Martyn).
> We believe we have a viable “agreeable" solution to provide a web console admin for
Apache ActiveMQ Artemis.
> As such we don’t see any reason to hold off and would like to bring your attention
(again) to the PR please make any standard review comments there.
> <>
> Also there has been a small discussion on how to release this, so that we can start to
get end user feedback, as users tend to want a built usable distribution, like wise there
is concern of bundling this into the next release.
> We propose:
> We will release the upcoming next version of Apache ActiveMQ Artemis, WITHOUT the new
web console. This is due to occur in the coming week.
> We will then subsequently look to merge and release another version of Apache ActiveMQ
Artemis WITH the console, so it is in a clean release with only the addition of the web console.
This should occur almost immediately after.
> I should thank Clebert and Martyn in offering to run the extra release this would require,
but de-risk some community concerns.
> This solution is based off a hawtio framework, i would like to iterate i am not a RedHat
employee, nor anything to do with Hawtio project. I work for a company that uses the project
like other end users, and simply see it as a framework to enable us in activemq to deliver
a usable web management console for artemis with as little cost, effort and maintenance as
possible, to provide an immediate need in the user community.
> Many thanks
> Mike

Clebert Suconic

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