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From Michael André Pearce <>
Subject [DISCUSSS] Web Management Console for Artemis.
Date Mon, 10 Jul 2017 19:30:56 GMT
Hi All,

I would like to start a fresh discussion to keep things cleaner, and to provide more of a
notification/update. (also to better name the subject)

The requirement for such a tool comes from many end users (including myself) which keep requesting
such a feature of a web management console (a small selection of a much larger list i can
supply many more), and so becomes more and more pressing to resolve. <>
<> <>

Based off the discussion here:

We have some key requirements as noted were (not exhaustive but a small summary of noted in
the above thread):

Must be ActiveMQ Branded
No third party / propriety other products should be mentioned apart from a powered by.
Help and about pages should be ActiveMQ Artemis focussed
Provide functionality to manage the broker
This should be able to expand over time
License/Notice files and any legal requirements are updated/met
The war size should be kept to a minimum
Login/Security should be integrated to the broker roles/users
Plugins/customisation specific to AcitveMQ Artemis to reside in ActiveMQ Artemis project.

Also we had some good early feedback in the community on the missing bits in our early PR,
of bits that needed/must be addressed. (thanks to Dan, Clebert, Martyn).

We believe we have a viable “agreeable" solution to provide a web console admin for Apache
ActiveMQ Artemis.

As such we don’t see any reason to hold off and would like to bring your attention (again)
to the PR please make any standard review comments there. <>

Also there has been a small discussion on how to release this, so that we can start to get
end user feedback, as users tend to want a built usable distribution, like wise there is concern
of bundling this into the next release.

We propose:
We will release the upcoming next version of Apache ActiveMQ Artemis, WITHOUT the new web
console. This is due to occur in the coming week.
We will then subsequently look to merge and release another version of Apache ActiveMQ Artemis
WITH the console, so it is in a clean release with only the addition of the web console. This
should occur almost immediately after.

I should thank Clebert and Martyn in offering to run the extra release this would require,
but de-risk some community concerns.

This solution is based off a hawtio framework, i would like to iterate i am not a RedHat employee,
nor anything to do with Hawtio project. I work for a company that uses the project like other
end users, and simply see it as a framework to enable us in activemq to deliver a usable web
management console for artemis with as little cost, effort and maintenance as possible, to
provide an immediate need in the user community.

Many thanks
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