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From Timothy Nodine <>
Subject [HELP] maven build smoke-test bootstrapping.
Date Thu, 29 Jun 2017 19:15:48 GMT
I attempted a maven build from scratch and it failed; I got the 
following error message in the smoke tests:

[ERROR] Could not locate suitable Artemis.home on either [directory 
redacted] or [directory redacted]
[ERROR] Use the binary distribution or build the distribution before 
running the examples

In other words, the build failed because it had not already succeeded.

This is easy enough to fix by itself, by building with tests disabled 
and then building again with tests enabled.

However, it hints that, if I use a workaround, the smoke tests will not 
function correctly inside maven. They will test the previous build 
instead of the current build.

Can I get some clarity on how I should use the smoke tests?

(Version - 2.2.0-SNAPSHOT taken on June 20)

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