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From nigro_franz <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Artemis IOPS Limiter strategy
Date Sat, 13 May 2017 08:38:36 GMT
I'm happy that no evident regressions due to the new implementation were
found: IMHO only feedback and proper tests will give a baseline to reason on
it and improve the options to the end users.

I've a couple of results with an all out throughput test anyway, but it is
not representative of any production use case; it is simply a crash test.
No real system AFAIK (maybe trading ticks) send infinite burst of durable
data with all out throughput AND expecting to have exceptional latencies
too: see  "How NOT to Measure Latency" by Gil Tene - Safely sustainable
throughput example <>  .
Instead, what I'm expecting is the measurement of the level of service
quality (eg end to end responsiveness)  under different production load
profiles (eg using a target throughput or with message scheduling reflecting
real production use).

Anyway, the results are not bad at all: the new TimedBuffer behaves pretty
well (with and without the IO limiter) even when a disk is being maxed out.
Just as comparison, it provides slightly better throughput (>30% with
ASYNCIO) with a similar latency profile of the original one, as stated in
the first posts:



My only concern is that I was expecting a little worse results by it and
that' s why I've discussed about using an IO limiter on it (adapting the
existent TokenXXX would be cool, kudos to Clebert about it)...

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